Linnea Good


Linnea Good is a conductor and musical animator, who has worked her entire life in schools, community venues and churches to encourage the freedom of singing in children and adults. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Master of Religious Education degree from Emmanuel College, University of Toronto with a specialty in education with music as a tool.

Linnea’s piano training was and is through private coaching in the Royal Conservatory of Music programme, with honours/distinction. She has trained in conducting through the BC Choral Federation, has worked in the Orff pedagogical method, has led choirs of children, teens and adults in and out of the Christian church.

She and her Juno-awarded drummer/partner, David Jonsson, regularly travel throughout North America to perform. Their latest CDs, “Swimmin’ Like a Bird” and “Momentary Saints”, were nominated Children’s and Gospel albums of the year by a variety of Canadian music associations. Her music is published in song resources around the world. The couple are both members of Charlotte Diamond’s nationally-acclaimed Hug Bug Band for children. They have recently returned from an exciting 2-month family working tour in India.

At 52, Linnea has 40 years as a song-leader, 26 years as a professional musician, 18 years as a parent, 14 years as a Summerland-er, and 6 years of never using throw-away paper towels.