Evelyn Krieger

Evelyn began piano lesson when she was 13, her love and passion for music made her advance quickly. Within her first year of instruction she completed the Level 7 requirements for piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto (RCM). At age 16 she decided to follow her heart’s wishes and pursue a career in music. Hard work and determination have made this dream come true.

Evelyn has received countless awards, scholarships, medals and trophies at local and provincial festivals. Her captivating and musically outstanding performances in practical and theoretical subjects have earned her the Volunteer Community Service Award (2013), Carla Wiersma Memorial Bursary (2014), K. & M. Collins Award (2015), Jan Morrow Music Award for Piano (2016), Jocelyn Baxter History Award (2017), Sullivan Family Award (2017) and many more.

In April 2017, Evelyn completed her Associate Diploma (ARCT) in Piano Performance with distinction. At the BC Performing Arts Provincial Competition in May 2017, Evelyn was the Winner (gold medal) for Senior Canadian Piano and was awarded Honourable Mention in the Senior Piano division; there she was also presented the Tom Cuff Scholarship for the most outstanding performance in the Canadian Piano Classes.

Over the past years Evelyn has had the privilege to instruct gifted students who have grown in their passion for music. While guiding each student on their individual musical journey and instructing them to reach their goals, Evelyn’s aspiration as a teacher is to give her students a life-long appreciation for music. When Evelyn is not practicing, instructing, performing, or merely composing, she enjoys poetizing, culinary arts, crafting and spending time with family.

You can reach Evelyn at evelynkrieger@pentictonacademyofmusic.ca