Maiya Robbie

Maiya has a Diploma of Music from Selkirk College, where she majored in voice and composition. Currently Maiya is in the Expressive Arts Therapy program through VSOHA in Vancouver, which will culminate in May with a Diploma and RTC designations.

Maiya offers beginner to early intermediate guitar and contemporary vocal lessons, as well as songwriting and creative musical exploration. Her approach as a teacher is a balance between encouraging joy and student ownership of musical interest and direction, along with providing structural soundness and healthful habit building in vocal technique and guitar playing.
“I teach guitar and voice to children, youth and adults in a supportive and encouraging environment. My aim is to balance teaching skills and healthful technique while also providing tools and space for creative expression and learning through constructive play.”

Maiya is also the owner/centre director of Little Tree Music Together. Music Together is a well beloved early childhood music and movement program for children aged birth through five and their respective ‘grown-ups’. Classes are focused on providing a non-formal learning environment where little ones can flourish in music learning through mirroring and modelling, exploration of various modalities and time signatures, dance and singing, and development of a rich family musical home life through parent/adult education and encouragement.

Performance Background

Maiya started writing songs at around 15 years old. She loved the method of self expression as well as the opportunity through crafting a song to distill emotion to the poetic root. She has performed in many bands before and after attending music school, music being a driving force through much of her life. Maiya writes and performs solo and has released an EP titled ‘Should Have Been a Mountain’, and is crafting her next release, which will be a full LP. Maiya is a founding member of the band Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long, a spoken word and music group that has now released 3 albums and have had the opportunity to play throughout North America, sharing the stage with such artists as The Be Good Tanyas, Birds of Chicago, Dan Mangan and David Wax Museum. As a member of Short Story Long, Maiya has had the opportunity to compose music that is both sonically exciting as well as theme focused, something the band often compares to film scoring. Maiya performs in various bands as support and back up, including with the wonderful local musician Tavis Weir. Recently Maiya and Tavis started a band, The Screendoors, along with local talents Dave Mai, Darren Filipenko and Stefan Bienz.

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