An objective of the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts is to provide quality music and dramatic arts education to students of all circumstances through a bursary program. Academy students of any ability and instrument can apply for bursaries. Applications are reviewed according to financial need and dedication to studies.

Bursaries are applied for and awarded in September and October. Students who experience a change in circumstances during the Academic year can apply for bursaries through our Special Bursary Fund at any time.

Bursaries are available to highly motivated students who can demonstrate a financial need and provide support letters from teacher(s) with their application. Applicants may be new or returning students of the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and must be fully registered at the time of application with registration and society membership fees paid.

Students may apply for financial assistance to help offset the cost of tuition for private lessons or group classes.

Students may apply for one bursary per year be it for the academic year OR the following summer.

Bursaries are awarded by mid-October and are applicable to that academic year.

In cases where a student has a change of financial situation after the deadline to apply for a bursary, an application may be submitted on the recommendation of the teacher. It is not guaranteed that funds will be available.

A separate application is required each academic year and will be considered on the basis of financial need and the availability of funds.

The Academy will reduce or discontinue the bursary if a student withdraws from lessons or enrolls for less tuition than originally indicated on the application for assistance. These adjustments will be made as necessary.

Please complete ONE APPLICATION PER FAMILY. If there is more than one Academy student in the family, complete the application for the student with the highest tuition amount.

Applications must be completed in full and received on or before Friday, September 28, 2018.

In the event that the student is successful in securing a bursary, it is expected that he/she will help out and/or perform at bursary fundraising events.

All applicants are evaluated on the basis of:
• commitment to their chosen area of study.
• financial need.
• personal objectives.
• nature and length of proposed program of study.
• application presentation and letters of support.



PART 2 – BURSARY LETTER OF SUPPORT (2 letters of support are required)


The bursary fund is supported by community donations from individuals and organizations as well as by proceeds from Academy recitals.

Help support students in need financial assistance through donating to our bursary fund.

Donations can be made by ETRANSFER to info@pentictonacademyofmusic.ca.

CASH or CHEQUES made payable to “Penticton Academy of Music” can be dropped off at our office during our office hours.


The Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts offers an annual Norm Looney Scholarship Competition that aims to recognize the accomplishments of our talented students and offers them recognition for their hard work.

To participate in this competition: 

  • Students must be under the age of 18 and studying at a Grade 5 level or above.
  • Students must complete and submit an application by the deadline of Thursday, May 10, 2018 AT 5:00PM to the office. 
  • Applicants must perform one piece at the year-end June Gala on Sunday, June 3, 2018 at 2:00 pm. 


“Norm Looney joined the board of directors of the Penticton Academy of Music Society in 2014, and one of his last wishes was to show gratitude for the role that music had in shaping his life.” – Penticton Herald